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    The concept, characteristics and application of the decelerating motor

    Edit:   Read: Times  Date:2019-04-13

    Small module gear motor is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which can reduce the number of gyration to the desired number of gyration and get the structure of larger torque. As the name suggests, it is a combination of a small module gearbox with a normal module of less than 1mm and a micro motor, which is a basic mechatronics engineering product. When the micro-motor is chosen by the user, it is often because the speed of the motor is too high or the Torque is too small to meet the needs, then the small module gear motor is the most direct and most suitable product. Small module gear motor has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, small volume, high precision and high performance-price ratio. It is widely used in office, household, finance, medical equipment and other industrial automation electronic products Small module gear motor is a new type of industrial products, rapid development, the emergence of a number of domestic manufacturing enterprises, while automation products have been widely used. At present, it is more comfortable and convenient for everyone, so the research of small module gear motor is focused on the development of products closely related to our daily life. Dongguan Longerteng Electric Motor is specialized in the production of small module gear motor business. You are welcome here!





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