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    The application of precision decelerating motor is in great demand

    Edit:   Read: Times  Date:2019-04-06

      The upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry has continuously raised the demand for high-end products: At present, the scale of China's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has surpassed Japan and the United States to become the first in the world, reducer, reducer motor as all kinds of mechanical equipment irreplaceable power transmission and control application parts, demand continued to expand. In the context of the national promotion of intelligent manufacturing industry, precision reducer and precision reducer motor as key basic components are the basis for industrial upgrading, and the development of emerging industries will also bring new demands, for example, industrial robots will drive the demand for precision reducer, intelligent logistics will drive drum motor, brushless DC reducer motor demand, high-end demand will continue to increase. It is estimated that in the future, China's high-end reducer industry will add at least one billion yuan of market space, while the localization rate of precision reducer is very low at present, rV reducer, harmonic reducer not more than 5% , precision planetary reducer not more than 40% , the development of industrial robots are greatly restricted. Longerteng deceleration motor professional customized all kinds of precision micro-deceleration motor, gearbox.

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