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    About Us

           Dongguan Longerteng Motor Co.,LTD is located in the "Shenzhen Hong Kong Garden" Dongguan town of Tangxia city, the is specialized in researching, developing and producing micro DC gear motor.

      We successfully developed the production and quality control system for micro DC gear motors. The products can meet wide application requirements, have big torque, good performance and reliable quality.

      We have powerful ability of development, follow the marketing trend, develop new products initiatively, and expand the product range to provide the convenience of choosing.

      With the care of all social sectors and its market credit standing,our products are widely used in various fields of ma-chine transmission,stabilization power supply,family electrical equipment,dynamoelectric toy ,autocontrol equipment,medicalappliance,etc,getting good reputation from customers.

      We adheres to management logos of quality first,pioneer-ing and innovation,managing business with faith,customer is the jing,and cooperate with our partners for mutual benefit and collaborative development.Our Longteng people warmly welcome customer's consul-tation and favour both at home and abroad,and expect creating refulgence with you hand in hand!







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